who we are.

Pensaer means 'lead craftsperson’. Our story begins with a love for artisanship and the process of making, and culminates in handcrafted architecture done well.

what we believe.

By practising an ethos of gentle design we deliver architecture which aims to elevate and stimulate the senses. We believe that we all deserve spaces that grow with us over time, and whose style has just as much longevity as the hard-wearing materials they’re crafted from.

By embracing the beauty of craft, we embrace the human factor in our approach to design. Similar to the feel and look of a handmade object, we want to make sure each project is individual and characterful.

By bringing these elements together we create buildings which, in simple terms, cultivate joy.

how we work.

By welcoming the tactility of artisanship, we embrace a sensibility in our approach to design. With this comes an element of pragmatism in our design process, using manual skills such as modelling and hand drawing as integral tools of our practice.

A deep knowledge of the characteristics of materials and the processes involved in manufacturing are crucial to how we go about design. We put a lot of thought into choosing suppliers who embody the same values of craft, durability and quality.

the team.

Each one of us brings our own skills, enthusiasm and personality to the table. Our clients often comment on how closely the team works together, how strong the team spirit is, and how much they enjoy working with us.

Pensaer London team photography by Jerry Florez